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Login and Manage Your Staples Easy Rebates Card :

Regardless of whether you purchased Staples refund items in a store or requested them from your home or office, you are qualified to guarantee your discounts. With Staples Easy Rebates, it is feasible to get a good deal on quality things. All Staples items set apart with the symbol or potentially the expression ‘simple refund’ are qualified for online accommodation, no section, no mailing, no hassles.

Staples Easy Rebates accompanies two choices: You can decide to have your discount sent back as a check or a pre-loaded charge card, contingent upon your refund offers being more prominent or under $10. With discount offers of under $10, you have the choice of keeping it to your enlisted PayPal account.

Check the Balance of Staples Rebates Card:

  • The rebate card is a gift card from Staples. To check the balance go to the webpage
  • If the page is unresponsive use the link
  • At the center of the page under the section Check your Staples Gift Card balance here add the card number, security code and click on the ‘Check balance’ button.

staples rebates card balance

How to Use the Staples Easy Rebates Card:

  • Make a buy that meets all requirements for a discount.
  • Head to the Staples Rebate Center page on here.
  • Enter where your buy was made. You have the decision of booth, on the web or available.
  • Enter your discount ID, trailed by mentioned data
  • In 4 a month and a half you will accept your card via the post office.

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  • At the time of accessing the card benefits you have to remember: You can present all your discount data online with no section, no mailing, and no problems. Pretty much every item that has a discount proposition will be accessible for online accommodation on the Staples webpage here.
  • Your Staples Easy Rebates will come as a Visa Prepaid gift voucher, qualified to utilize anyplace a Visa charge card is acknowledged.
  • You’ll accept your discount 4 a month and a half after you submit it. What’s more, by and large, you’ll accept your refund even sooner than that.
  • If it’s not too much trouble, note, during the Christmas season, discounts normally require 8-10 weeks to show up.
  • There is no restriction on the number of discounts you can submit at one time. After you have wrapped up entering your first discount, you will be inquired as to whether you have extra refund offers to submit. Say OK and continue to submit.
  • In the event that you bought products of a similar item with a discount, or on the other hand in the event that you bought numerous things that fall under a similar refund offer number, you just need to enter the refund offer number once. The Staples online framework will utilize your Easy Rebates ID number or Staples request number to confirm the refund items you bought. Then, at that point, it updates your status to mirror the various refunds.

Staples Contact Help:

For more help options call on the toll-free number 1800 210 7000.

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