www.mybkexperience.com – Participating in MyBKExperience Survey by Burger King for free Whopper

Participating in MyBKExperience Survey by Burger King for free Whopper

Burger King is one of the most popular fast food and hamburger joints with its franchise spread over more than 100 countries globally. Currently, it ranks as one of the most favorite destinations for burger lovers. Such is the craze for Burger King, people have recognized a humble hamburger as one of the most coveted food items. Burgers have never been so delicious and terrifically addictive. Especially the Whopper of Burger Kings has achieved cult status among foodies. How about getting a free Burger King Whooper by just investing a few seconds of your life? As amazing it sounds, Burger King is giving a chance to grab Burger King’s Special Size Whopper free.


MyBKExperience at a glance

To win your share, participate in the MyBKExperience Survey by Burger King. MyBKExperience Survey is a Guest Satisfaction Survey arranged by Burger king for its customers. It is a small opinion poll where customers need to give their opinion based on their recent visit or order to Burger King. At the end of the survey, the participant gets closer to their Special Whoppers. To participate in this survey, continue reading.


The requirement to enter MyBKExperince Survey:

Participation in the survey is free. The main motto of this survey to heed the customer’s candid feedback. Next time, you visit Burger King; do not throw away the purchase receipt. To enter the survey, the restaurant code and survey code printed on the purchase receipt is of utmost importance. Keep your device red ay and proceed to the process.


Process of participation and completion of MyBKExperince Survey:

With a few minutes, you can finally get your ultimate fantasy fulfilled! While it may seem that winning the free Special Whooper is the motto of participation, the main motto is quite different. By sparing your time, to give an opinion of Burger King’s service, you are not only improvising the management of restaurants but also becoming a part of the family where keeping the customers happy is the ultimate target. Either, way, you are being rewarded for your opinionated views.


Participating in MyBKExperience Survey by Burger King for free Whopper


  • Apart from English, you can take a survey in both French and Spanish. If you choose to complete the survey in any of these two languages, then scroll down and click on Espanol or Francis
  • Enter the five-digit restaurant number printed at the top of the receipt.
  • Click on Next.


Participating in MyBKExperience Survey by Burger King


  • Type the burger king 21 digit survey codes. You will find this in the invitation section.
  • Now you are ready to take part in the survey and answer the questions. The questions are based on your recent experience in Burger King with emphasis on the facilities, customer service, and range of menu, taste, food quality, health standard, hygiene, cleanliness, customer service and many more. You need to give ratings based on these services. Apart from that, you need to answer questions on any concerns or if you would recommend the restaurant to your friends, how likely you would again like to come back, etc.
  • Complete the survey by answering all the questions. Post completion, a validation code will be displayed. Take a pane and write down the code on the purchase receipt.

Congratulations! You have completed the MyBKExperience Survey. Take the receipt with the validation code on your next visit to Burger King. Show this receipt at the cash counter and enjoy free Special Whopper Sandwich in return!


Contacting Burger King Customer Service


As far as anyone knows you face any issue while visiting the outlet. Or then again submitted your request wrongly. Or then again you need to raise your worry about nourishment. You can associate with the client care official and portray your worries or inquiries.


Via Call


You can speak up your concern over the call. To talk to a representative and raise something, your first step should be to connect on the restaurant phone number location wise (check the how to find location section to obtain contact number). If you are not satisfied with the resolution, then you must call up the following toll-free numbers:



1-844-576-0546 (Canada)

1-866-394-2493 (Other Countries)

All calls must be routed from 7:00 a.m. till 11:00 p.m. (CST).



Via Email/website


The easiest way to connect is to contact Burger King by filling up the form from the website.

Simply go to the Contact option from the Menu of Burger King Website. Click on Email Us. Enter the information in the contact form accordingly, like location, name, concern type, your contact details, concern in detail. Click on Submit. Your words will reach the management team and due resolution will be provided.



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