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Have you heard about the Levi’s Stadium Settlement? You can enter the class action settlement if you qualify to enter it. Ones who are eligible to enter the class action lawsuit can make a claim and earn the settlement amount. If you haven’t yet filed a claim you can make a claim to get rewarded.

The case is entitled Abdul Nevarez v. Forty Niners Football Co. LLC with case number 5:16-cv-07013. However, the 49ers Levi’s Stadium has denied any of its wrong doings. If you are an individual with mobility disability then you can receive a monetary compensation. In this post we have offered you a guide to complete the class action settlement and information regarding it.

What is the Levis Stadium Class Action Settlement

Levis Stadium Class Action Settlement entitled 49ers Levi’s Stadium is pending in the court of California. In order to make a claim you simply need to open the website of the Levis Stadium Class Action settlement and you are ready to go.

Once the users are on the website of the Levis Stadium Settlement they need to fill out the claims form online and they are ready to go.  The class members have made a claim that the stadium wasn’t able to provide the users with enough accessibility to those with disabilities. Hence, a case has reached the court asking for a settlement amount.

What are the Documents Required

You need to have the following documents in order to make a claim:

  • Settlement Agreement
  • Order Granting Preliminary Approval
  • Claim Form
  • ECF 195 Fourth Amended Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief and Damages
  • Barrier Spread sheet
  • ECF 195-6 Ex. E (Ex. D Scope of Development)
Who can file a Claim

One can make a claim if they are eligible. However, the claim has been divided into three categories. Here are the three classes explained.

  • Injunctive Class– This includes individuals who have mobility issues and make use of mobility aids such as scooters and wheel chairs in order to purchase a seating for an event at stadium.
  • Damages Class– Individuals who have mobility disabilities who use mobility aids such as wheel chairs and scooters attempted to purchase and have not provided with equal privileges such as parking and amenities.
  • Companion Injunctive Class- Ones with mobility issues who use wheel chairs and scooters and have accessed the events at the stadium after Dec 7, 2013.

How to Make Levi’s Stadium Settlement:

  • In order to make a claim one needs to open the settlement website of the Levis Stadium www.levisstadiumclassactionsettlement.com
  • Now you will find some important information about the class action settlement.
  • Once you have read the data you need to look for the link reading ‘To file a claim online, click here.’


  • Click on the link and you will find a file claim section.
  • Now choose what you want to do by selecting an option below.
  • Click on the ‘Select’ button below and you can provide the required information to file a claim.

File Claim Through Mail

  • Visit the website of the Levis Stadium Class Action Settlement.
  • As the web page opens there is a link reading ‘To print a PDF of the claim form click here’.
  • Fill out the claim form and you can send it to the address mentioned there.

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At the end of the conversation one can find the guide handy. If you still need help you can call on 1-888-788-4813.



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