www.GasVisit.com – Guidelines To 76 Gas Visit Survey To Win $25 Gas Card

Guidelines To 76 Gas Visit Survey To Win $25 Gas Card

The need for gas in case your car needs it, you can always take the survey of 76 gas visit. This will get you the chance to win $25 gas card! Here, you can check the procedure of the survey out, and get to know more about the gas company.


76 Gas Visit Survey is one of the parts of its unique customer satisfaction survey program which is created and led by Philip 66 Company. For information, Philip 66 Company is the parent organization of 76 Gas Station, Philip 66 as well as Conoco Brands. Inside of Gas Visit Survey Website, you will get several digital questionnaires that will observe whether you are happy or unhappy when you visited 76 Gas Station Location. Sure, you will be free to share both of the positive and negative feedback at GasVisit.com Site.


And at the end of the survey section, you will get a chance to enter Gas Visit Sweepstakes Entrance and win $25 Gas Card. Believe it or not, Philip 66 Company will choose 60 winners at its winner’s selection date.


About 76 Gas


76 is the American Gas Station that is located in some United States. It is the subsidiaries of Philip 66 Company and Tosco Corporation. In 1932, Lyman Stewart founded the first 76 Gas Station Locations in California. And right now, this gas station operates for over than 1,800 Locations across the US. If you need to get more information about it, you can visit the official website at www.76.com.


Eligibility for the 76 GasVisit Survey


  • You should have knowledge in English language
  • You also need a device with internet connection.
  • You are 18 years or older when entering sweepstakes and taking surveys.
  • This survey is open to legitimate residents of the United States.


The official rules for the 76 GasVisit Survey


  • You can only get 1 prize in a period of 1 month. So you can’t win more than 1 prize in 1 month.
  • You can take this opportunity through the post office. For this, you can only enter 1 lot for 1 envelope.
  • You must have a driver’s license.
  • You must not be an employee or family of employees at Phillips 66, 76 Gas Station and Conoco.
  • You may only enter sweepstakes once a day.


Taking the 76 GasVisit Survey online


To have the survey online, you need to go to, www.GasVisit.com

Here, at the middle of the page, you need to type,


Guidelines To 76 Gas Visit Survey To Win $25 Gas Card


  • The 5 digit zip code
  • Then, click on, ‘Start’ in red.

If you do not know the zip code, then at the right side of the blank, you need to select either,

  • The brand
  • State
  • City

You have to give answer all of the survey questions after this, and you will be able to complete the survey.


Taking the 76 GasVisit Survey by mail


In case you want to take this survey by mail you need to, write your identity on the postcard. After that, you have to, enter your email, home address, age, and telephone. Then post this card in an envelope. On that you need to write down the sweepstakes delivery address, and send it to,

Phillips 66 Customer Satisfaction Survey Entry.

PO Box 10250 Rochester, NY 14610.


The Questions at 76 Gas Visit Survey Official Website


If you have made sure that you are matched with the qualification and ready to follow the 76 Gas Survey Rules, you are better to prepare yourself with the questions at www.GasVisit.com Portal.


  • Overall 76 Services
  • The staff’s attitude and friendliness
  • The Locations Cleanliness
  • Range of visit
  • Problems
  • General opinion
  • Also, the likelihood to return or promote 76 Gas Station to the others.


The prize of GasVisit Survey


76 gas is offering gift cards worth 25 Dollars. Bu taking the survey you can win one of 180 prizes for customers. You will receive the prize confirmation 15 days after the prize draw. You need to take a look at your email, mail or phone to check your status. If you are the winner, you will be contacted by the survey sponsors via the contact details you have provided in the survey.


Locate the Nearest 76 Gas Station Locations


  • Access 76 Store Locator

You can visit www.76.com and chose the menu “Find a Station.” So that you know, it is the valid receipt where you can get the detail of 76 Locations to include the detail of hours, customer service phone numbers as well as the current deals.


  • Visit Maps.Google.com

You can visit www.maps.google.com or run your Google Map Application. Once you reach the survey site, you are able to type down “76 near me.” And within less a second, this map will direct you to the nearest 76 Gas Station. Indeed, it gives you the detail of address, local 76 Customer Service Phone Numbers as well as the detail of the store opened and closed hours.


More info on 76 Gas


To start using the AnalysisPlus program you need to:


  • Choose a laboratory service provider. (See the Lab Locations tab)
  • Register to gain access to that laboratory service provider’s reporting software. We will work with your existing and/or new lab to ensure that your data is loaded. From this point forward, within minutes of your new sample results being made are available by the lab, they will be available (along with your historical data) through AnalysisPlus.net.
  • Order sample kits, either online or by calling:
  • Lab One Inc. (866-652-2663)
  • POLARIS Laboratories (866-341-4396)
  • ALS I Tribology : (877-645-5221)


They have changed their available test packages.  The test packages are grouped into new categories that will enable you to pick the most suitable tests for your business. The categories are:


  • Automotive (PCMO/ATF/Gear)
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engine
  • Industrial & Natural Gas
  • Industrial w/ Particle Count*
  • Metalwork*


  • Within each of these categories you will have the option of choose either the Basic or the Premium test level of service.
  • as before with any combustible liquid, there may be special requirements that must be met.
  • Per the USPS Hazardous Material Standards, the different restrictions are broken up by the liquid’s flashpoint. The majority of samples that are sent in will have a flashpoint above 200°F (93°C). To ship combustible liquids within this class without restrictions, the liquid “must be properly and securely packaged to prevent leakage.”
  • Another class, in which the samples may fall into, will be between 141°F (60.5°C) but no more than 200°F (93°C). To ship combustible liquids within this class has a few additional restrictions.

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  • Ensure that the primary (clear) sample bottle is packaged securely within the outer mailing bottle.
  • Mark the mail piece on the address side with “ORM-D” or “ORM-D AIR,” as applicable. This must be marked near the shipping name.
  • Mark all items being shipped via surface transportation with “Surface Mail Only,” for air transportation, each mailing must clearly provide a shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods.
  • For a more detailed description, consult the United States Postal Service web site. The relevant section is 4.3 Combustible Liquid Mailability.
  • net is a web-based program and can be accessed from any computer connected to the world wide web.


Contact help


To get in touch with 76 Gas, you can call on these numbers, or write to the following addresses,

Phillips 66 : 281-293-6600.

ConocoPhillips : 281-293-1000. 76 Gas Station : 1-800-527-5476. Then you can also send mail to, Phillips 66

P.O. Box 421959

Houston, TX 77242-1959

Conoco Phillips :

P.O. Box 2197, Houston, TX 77252-2197

76 Gas Station :

P.O. Box 7200

Bartlesville, OK 74005.





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