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Murphy Platinum Card Get Started

How to Apply for Murphy Gas Card:

The Murphy USA Private Label Visa is an armada gas card that is custom-made for Murphy USA and Murphy Express clients. Each buy with this card fits the bill for a discount of in any event 1 penny for every gallon. Other than that, it offers not many different advantages.

As referenced, buys with the card they issue from Murphy for gas, it fit the bill for in any event 1 penny discount for each gallon you use at Murphy USA and Murphy store areas. Your armada will never address the full cost as long as this Visa helpful.

Features of Murphy Gas Card:

  • Cardholders can likewise acquire extra reserve funds as the volume of month to month gas buys increments.
  • Fundamentally, with the public normal cost of ordinary gas approaching three dollars for each gallon and other fuel grades being costlier, the best you’ll do with this card is procure one percent or so in discounts.
  • You’ll approach month-to-date and year-to-date detailing. Likewise, you can set online buy controls to restrict unapproved buys.
  • This implies that the driver who consistently appears to fill his twenty-gallon tank with thirty gallons of fuel won’t get complimentary gifts for his own vehicle any longer!
  • With this card, you’ll likewise have data regarding when and where each buy was made and by whom. You’ll likewise have a month to monthly reports to help dissect your business’ fuel spending.
  • Other than the referenced discounts and regulatory advantages, there isn’t substantially more to this card. There normally isn’t with other armada cards, either, so this doesn’t really make this a terrible card when contrasted with the others.
  • Procure compensations on each gas buy.

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Rates of Murphy Gas Card:

  • Annual Percentage Rate is 26.99%
  • APR for Cash Advances is 25.24%
  • Balance Transfer is $10
  • Cash Advance is $15
  • Cash Equivalent is $15
  • Foreign Transaction is 3%
  • Late Payment is $40
  • The returned Payment is $35

Apply for Murphy Gas Card:

To apply for the card, open the page, www.murphyvisa.com

  • As the page appears at the center, tap on, ‘Get started now’ button.

Murphy Platinum Card Get Started

  • In the next screen, choose the card image, click on, ‘Next’ button.
  • You will be forwarded to the next screen, provide, your personal details, click on, ‘Next’ button.

Murphy Gas Card Login:

To login to your card account, open the page, www.firstbankcard.com

  • As the page opens at the center, tap on, ‘Login’ button.
  • In the next screen, provide, the required login information and click on, ‘Sign in’ button.

How to Recover Murphy Gas Card Login Details:

To recover the information, open the page, www.firstbankcard.com

  • After the page opens in the login homepage hit on, ‘Forgot password?’ button.
  • Provide the user ID, click on, ‘Reset via email’ button.

How to Register for Murphy Gas Card Account:

To register for the account, open the webpage, www.firstbankcard.com

  • Once the page appears at the center click on, ‘Enroll’ button.
  • You have to choose from personal and business accounts. After you choose, follow the prompts.

How to Make Payment for Murphy Gas Card:

You will get three options.

  • Online Payment: To pay online, open the page, www.firstbankcard.com. You have to log in, and follow the prompts.
  • Phone Payment: To pay by a phone call on, (888) 295-5540.
  • Mail Payment: To pay by the mail, you have to send the check or cash to, P.O. Box 2340 Omaha, NE 68103.

Murphy USA Visa Card Contact Number:

For card information, call on the toll-free number, 1-888-467-2217.

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