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Evenflo was founded in, 1920, Ravenna, Ohio, United States and it has its headquarter in, Miamisburg, Ohio, United States. The company works for its parent company, Goodbaby International, and also has subsidiaries, S.A.De C.V. Muebles Para Ninos De Baja. The organization basically takes part in the structure, innovative work, assembling, showcasing and closeout of Evenflo Baby and ExerSaucer marked adolescent items. Child items incorporate vehicle seats, travel frameworks, wellbeing entryways, high seats, play yards, stationary action focuses, baby transporters and entryway jumpers. Evenflo Company Inc. has two assembling offices: one in Tijuana, Mexico and one in Piqua, Ohio.

Enrolling an as of late bought item isn’t constantly a top need for some shoppers. Be that as it may, with regards to an item as significant as a vehicle seat, enrollment all of a sudden advances toward the highest point of the “activities” list. Fortunately, Evenflo clients who have as of late acquired another vehicle seat can achieve the enrollment procedure effortlessly by finishing the online structure found at www.evenflo.com/registercarseat. The structure can be finished in under a moment and requires the accompanying data: a model number, the date of production, a first and last name, a street number, and an email address (the email address is discretionary). When the entirety of the necessary data has been gone into the structure the Register catch can be clicked to affirm the Evenflo vehicle seat enlistment.

Information on Evenflo Car Seat Registration

  • Important to permit Evenflo to contact clients on account of an item review

  • The model number and date of assembling are on the item enlistment card

  • The date of production must be entered in the MM/DD/YYYY position

  • The structure is just material to frameworks that were obtained in the United States

Clients who are making some hard memories finding the model number or potential date of assembling can allude to the connections posted at www.evenflo.com/registercarseat for help (the connections give data on where each snippet of data can be found on an item). Spanish-talking clients ought to experience no difficulty finishing the Evenflo vehicle seat enlistment as the structure comes naturally interpreted. Those needing help with an Evenflo item can take a stab at reaching client assistance by telephone.

Register Evenflo car seat

For this go to the site, www.evenflo.com/registercarseat

On this page at the middle type,

Evenflo - US Car Seat Registration

  • Model Number

  • Date of Manufacture

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Address

  • City

  • State Province

  • Postal Code

  • Your email address:

  • Then, from the bottom left click on, ‘Register’ in blue.

More info on Evenflo products

  • The Evenflo Symphony All-in-One vehicle seat can be utilized back looking until a youngster is 40 lbs. or on the other hand 40 inches and the highest point of the kid’s head is, in any event, one inch beneath the highest point of the kid restriction headrest in one of its three most reduced positions. Permitting utilization of the third headrest position is a retroactive change to some more established Symphony guidelines.

  • The lower part of the Evenflo Spectrum sponsor seat highlights lap belt directs on either side of the seat, close to the kid’s hips. The lap belt part of the vehicle safety belt must be directed added to these repertoire guides. The shoulder belt bit of the safety belt may likewise be directed underneath the belt manage nearest to the vehicle clasp. Be that as it may, the shoulder belt partition guarantees legitimate fit yet isn’t required to be steered underneath the belt direct if the safety belt fits the youngster suitably.

  • The Infinite Slide saddle is Evenflo’s inventive no-rethread bridle framework. It tends to be found on the Evenflo Symphony All-In-One vehicle seat, the Evenflo SafeMax All-In-One vehicle seat and the Evenflo Triumph convertible vehicle seat. This bridle framework raises and brings down to sit precisely at your youngster’s shoulders without the need to expel the vehicle seat from the vehicle to string the tackle through an alternate arrangement of saddle openings.

  • Vehicle situates that alter by pulling a lash at the front of the vehicle seat between the youngster’s legs, for the most part, change all the more easily when pulling in a descending movement. In any case, when introduced in a back confronting position, it tends to be more enthusiastically to pull descending on the tie.

  • The Evenflo Chase has cup holders that are connected with a screw. The cup holders should be utilized when the vehicle seat is introduced in a vehicle. In any case, there are little tops that can be utilized to supplant the cup holders, if necessary.

  • For the most part, vehicle seats and supporter seats can be securely introduced in back seating positions alongside side drapery air packs. It is critical to counsel your vehicle proprietor’s manual to guarantee there are no limitations in the seating position that you need to use for your vehicle seat establishment.

  • Evenflo grants contact between front vehicle seats and its back confronting convertible or across the board vehicle seats. Notwithstanding, the vehicle seat ought not to be wedged in and ought to be introduced as per both the vehicle seat guidelines and the vehicle proprietor’s manual. In contrast to its convertible seats, notwithstanding, Evenflo requires 1.5 creeps of freedom between a front vehicle seat and any of its back confronting just baby vehicle seats.

Customer help

For more help, you can dial the numbers, 800-233-5921.

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