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Do you want to get a free ice cream? Then, you must take the DQ feedback survey. Dairy Queen can be one of your favorite places to visit when you are eager to enjoy ice creams. No doubt, it must be nice for you to start taking your part to join Dairy Queen customer satisfaction survey. Indeed, the program is famous with other names like DQFanSurvey or DQFanFeedback survey. So that you know, DQ Fan Feedback survey offers you to get free Dairy Queen Dilly Bar.


DQFanSurvey or DQFanFeedback is a legal Dairy Queen customer satisfaction survey held to gather DQ customers’ feedback. In this case, all of you can start to take your part online. Yes, you just have to go to DQFanSurvey.com or DQFanFeedback.com to get the official survey. And, the survey portal must ask you to fill out the Dairy Queen survey code on your receipt.


In this DQFanFeedback survey, you are going to get various questions related to your last visit. In this case, you don’t have to worry about them. Simply, you just have to choose the best response to the questions. Mostly, they ask you about Dairy Queen menu prices, Dairy Queen service, Dairy Queen employees, and so on. For information, if you have completed all the Dairy Queen survey form, you are going to get Dairy Queen Survey Validation Code.


Yes, this is that simple to grab the free Dilly Bar. So, if you think you want this free ice cream today, you need to check this survey procedure and run to the store for the free ice cream.


Eligibility for DQ Feedback survey


  • DQFanFeedback survey is only eligible for the residents of the U.S.
  • You will need the 19 digit survey code with you from your recent visit to any dairy queen restaurant.
  • You age must be over the legal age of 18 years or above.
  • For the survey you must have a basic knowledge of understanding French and English language.
  • You will need an electronic device with an internet connection, such as a laptop, Cellphone, Computer or a tablet.


Official rules of DQ Feedback survey


  • The very receipt will only be valid for the next three days after the purchase is made from any DQ stores in your area.
  • The provided form can only be filled Online and the survey and it has to be made within three days of purchasing the products from Dairy Queen store.
  • The coupon or voucher you will receive after the survey it will stay valid for the next 30 days.
  • com is only available online, there is no such thing as an offline survey.
  • Any DQ employee is not allowed to take this survey.
  • After you finish the dairy queen feedback there will be only one coupon to be redeemed by the dairy queen at one time per person.
  • A purchase of a Dairy Queen product is required for the survey.
  • Also the receipt of the purchase from the dairy queen product is required.

Taking the DQ feedback survey


For this you have to type the URL, www.dqfanfeedback.com

Here, you will get a box at the middle left side of the page, and you need to type,


United States and Canada DQ® Fan Feedback


  • The 10-digit phone number/code printed on your receipt/coupon.
  • The date of your visit.
  • The time of your visit.
  • Then, click on, ‘Start’ in red.

You have to check the prompts after this and answer the questions, then, you will be able to complete the survey.


The prize of DQ feedback survey


Once you take the survey, you will get a validation code, by showing that to, in the nearby DQ store, you will get the free Dilly bar. This Dilly bar is a chocolate at the outside, and you are going to get vanilla ice cream inside. If you see, Dilly Bar has some shapes. They are rounded, box, and circle.

Note: You can get a box of Dilly Bars with a price of $7. Now, you don’t have to buy it if you can get the free dilly bar from Dairy Queen. Simply, you just have to complete the survey to get the free dilly bar. For information, you can either choose Dilly Bars, Busters Bars, or even DQ Ice Cream.


About DQ or Dairy queen


Dairy Queen is a chain of soft-serve ice cream and fast-food restaurants. Here, John Fremont McCullough is a Dairy Queen founder. Yes, he opened the first store on June 22, 1940, in Joliet, Illinois. More to know, International Dairy Queen, Inc. has a parent organization which is Berkshire Hathaway. Meanwhile, Dairy Queen has a subsidiary which is Orange Julius and Karmelkorn. Now, there are more than 4,455 Dairy Queen Locations.


Additional info on DQ


  • To find a job at the IDQ Corporate offices: please use our online tools below to browse our current corporate job openings and submit your resume here.
  • By creating a personal profile on IDQ’s careers page you will be entered into our searchable database for current staffing needs as well as for future consideration. We review the qualifications of all applicants upon receipt, and, after careful review of our current staffing needs, the most qualified applicants will be contacted by telephone.
  • To find a job at a DQ Restaurant: please apply directly at the store of your choice. You may find the Store Locator on our website useful in your search for the nearest DQ restaurant.
  • IDQ does not have requirements regarding wearing any type of gloves by employees of the DQ restaurants while preparing food. IDQ strongly recommends that employees wash their hands following the proper guidelines established by IDQ and local and state health departments. If the local or state health department does require the use of gloves by employees handling food, they are readily available at the restaurant.
  • To find the closest DQ location to you, please use our store locator at the top of the page by entering your zip code in the search field and then selecting ““Find a DQ.” You may also select the following link, or paste it into your browser:www.dairyqueen.com/us-en/Locator
  • As you may already know, DQ restaurants throughout the United States and Canada are individually owned and operated franchises. This being the case, decisions regarding store policies, such as participating in coupon offers and national or regional promotions are made by the store operator.
  • DQ restaurants throughout the United States and Canada are individually owned and operated franchises. As such, they are independent business owners and are responsible for all employee relations for their store. If you have any questions or comments regarding your employment, please direct those comments to the independent franchise operator of the store at which you are employed.
  • Gift cards, and $1 and $5 gift certificates, are available at many participating DQ franchised locations, as well as available for purchase online.
  • Additionally, there are a number of DQ and Orange Julius Branded items you can purchase. You may use the links below, or click on the “Shop DQ®” arrow at the top of this web page. Please note there are shipping and handling charges for all online purchases and they are set by the individual third party vendors that supply these services.


  • Gift certificate purchases

Due to the popularity of our gift cards, DQ gift certificates are no longer available for purchase. DQ encourage you instead to purchase DQ gift cards at your local DQ restaurant or online. Already have DQ gift certificates? Don’t worry your local DQ® restaurant will continue to accept them towards your DQ food or treat purchases.


  • Gift card purchases

DQ Gift Cards are available in any denomination from $5 on up. DQ Gift Cards are good towards the purchase of any food or treat at Dairy Queen, DQ Grill & Chill, and Orange Julius® locations throughout the United States. To purchase DQ Gift cards online, go to our Gift Cards and Gear page.


  • DQ Delivery is available from select DQ® locations.
  • DQ offer online cake ordering at participating locations now through our site DQCakes.com. By selecting your postal code on the left side of the page, you will then be directed to another page which will let you know whether or not the DQ® restaurant nearest you offers online cake ordering.
  • DQ is proud to offer some very delicious soft serve treats we call Royal Treats®. These treats include the Banana Split, the Peanut Buster Parfait, and the OREO Brownie Earthquake Treat. The Strawberry Shortcake (seasonal) and the Pecan Mudslide® are also Royal Treats; however they are subject to regional availability.
  • The amount of caffeine in one 16 oz MooLatté is 35mg. This is similar to a small cup of coffee.
  • DQ Kid’s Meals do not come with a toy; however the DQ Kid’s Meals do come with a yummy dessert. Your child can choose a Dilly Bar, a kid’s size cone, or a DQ sandwich. Our DQ Kid’s Meal bags feature a tear-off coupon for the kid’s dessert. Kids can tear-off this coupon to use after their meal, or save it for a future visit to a DQ restaurant.
  • Orange Julius name actually is derived from the name of the man who started the stores, Julius Freed. In 1926 Freed opened a fresh orange juice stand in California. Shortly thereafter, he had heard, “Give me an orange, Julius” so often that he knew he had created a highly successful product and a great name for his new franchising operation: Orange Julius.
  • At all DQ restaurants, a sundae is made with soft serve and a topping of choice. Other toppings, like whipped topping, nuts, or cherries are available and often at an extra charge. They are not part of the ingredients of a DQ Sundae.
  • The substance used to adhere the paper wrappers onto our cones is not glue, but is simply corn syrup, which is completely safe if ingested.
  • While DQ soft serve is available in Quarts and novelties like Dilly Bars are available in packages, DQ toppings and other DQ products are not available for purchase for home use. They are available only to licensed DQ Franchise operators for distribution in DQ stores and restaurants.
  • Some Dilly bars are made by the staff of DQ stores and those have a curl. Others are manufactured for those DQ restaurants that do not have the space or the staff to make their own. Those Dilly Bars are packaged in clear plastic and do not have a curl.
  • The manufacturing equipment is not able to duplicate the trademark curl on our Dilly Bars. There are positives, however, to the manufacturing process. They can offer our Dilly Bars in additional flavors, including Mint and no sugar added.
  • A brazier is a charcoal grill and was selected as the name for DQ stores offering burgers in 1957, when one of our Territory Operators worked to develop a food system that would work for all DQ restaurants. The term ‘Brazier’ itself was the result of a brainstorming session with his advertising agency.
  • At one time, DQ stores and restaurants carried frozen yogurt, but we no longer carry frozen yogurt in the DQ system. However, many Orange Julius products are made with yogurt, so you may want to check out the Orange Julius smoothies. Orange Julius products will be available in most DQ locations by 2013. Also, another alternative may be one of the DQ no sugar-added products, like the Fudge Bar, Vanilla Orange Bar, or no sugar-added Chocolate Dilly Bar. Keep in mind that these are no sugar-added, and not sugar-free.
  • Currently DQ do not have a sugar-free or fat-free soft serve. You must know that at DQ they constantly watch product trends and conduct consumer taste panels to evaluate their product offerings.
  • As an alternative, you may want to try one of our no sugar-added products like the Fudge Bar, Vanilla Orange Bar, or no sugar-added Chocolate Dilly Bar. However, keep in mind that these are no sugar-added, and not sugar-free. Most DQ stores and restaurants carry one or more of these products.
  • Technically, our soft serve does not qualify to be called ice cream. To be categorized as ice cream, the minimum butterfat content must be ten percent, and our soft serve has only five percent butterfat content. While our soft serve product used to be categorized as “ice milk,” the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) eliminated this category of product to allow companies the ability to market frozen dairy products as “reduced-fat,” “light,” and “low-fat” ice cream.
  • DQ soft serve fits into the “reduced-fat” ice cream category and our shake mix qualifies as “low-fat” ice cream. But, even though our soft serve may have been categorized differently in the past, our recipe has not changed. DQ soft serve contains 5% butterfat, which is not the same as 95% fat-free.

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Customer help


To get in touch with DQ, you can call on, 1 866 793-7582. Or you can go to this link to email the company, https://www.dairyqueen.com/us-en/Company/Contact-Us/. Here, you have to type the required fields, and by submitting the details you will be contacted by DQ.

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